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Childrens' Promise

A Promise

I am _____________________ (name) and I will do my best to care for others and my school.


My parents and my teachers will help me.

Signed___________________________ (Parent)
Signed___________________________ (Class Teacher)

Signed ___________________________ (Head Teacher)


Caring for Each Other And Our School

In my school I care for:

· My friends and other children
· My teachers
· Visitors
· Everyone who works here

In school we remember to say:

· Please
· Thank you
· Sorry
· Excuse me
· Good morning
· Good afternoon
· We open doors for people and let them go first

We speak quietly in school; we only shout in the playground.

We never use bad language.

We listen quietly when people speak to us.

We always try to be polite and well mannered.

We learn to understand we are all different from each other:

· Some are bigger than others
· Some work more quickly
· Some run faster
· We all look different.

We never tease or hit people for any reason.
We put our hands up when we want to speak to a teacher.
We never shout
We walk quietly around inside school and only run around outside in the playground.

The Children’s Promise is summarized in the Ballymacward Code Ode

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